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Have we got any Lightning owner out there? This truck will be my next high performance purchase.

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I just wish that they made it with the Super Duty?/Heavy duty? body style, I like it best.

here is one someone posted on GMForums.

Hello All,
My 1999 Lightning is now on E-Bay. I hope it goes to a good home. If anyone has any questions regarding the vehicle, then please feel free to send an email to

[email protected]

The starting price is $23,500. The vehicle has around 3,500 miles on it. The vehicle is stock. I was never able to drive the vehicle because of suffering from Crohn's Disease. Take care all.

To see the vehicle, and the auction click this link


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I'm out here. :)


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What's up L people? Not too many posts here yet, i guess. Must be everyone's over at

Anyway, Hullo, I'm Damon. I have a 94 red L that i recently bought, with a couple little mods...k&n, mustang underdrive crank pulley. 9mm wires, acell coil, timing at 14deg. Roll pan, hard toneau and a couple hundred watts pushing a 12 and some infinitys.

Love that truck..
Anyway, hope to see more posts...

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