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My name is tommy {aka XLRVII},
I live halfway between Houston and Galveston Tx. in a quiet little coastal community called Bayview.

I'm a 35 year old single male that's never been married or had any kids.

My interests are NHRA Drag Racing, not only am I an avid drag racing fan.. I'm a participant.

I've owned many fords over the years,
Starting with a brief stint in the Mustang II cars, I owned 3 of them total. I was desperatley trying to find a good one {chuckles}
I had 2 -76 cobra II's one bone stock and one with a "real" boss 302. it was too much! it would fry the tires in 4th gear!
1-78 King Cobra {all stock, fun ,neat car}..not fast though.

After using and abusing those cars for about 15 years...
I "moved" up to the 79-86 body style mustangs and
purchase a "competition delete" SVO Mustang from a Local Autocross racer.

The car had 8 point roll cage and window net too. It was "supposed" to be a SS class car, after pulling the motor down to replace a burned exhaust valve {killed it with 29PSI BOOST} I noticed that "showroom stock" did NOT mean showroom stock.

The car had flat top 10.1 pistons instead if the dished turbo pistons that came "stock" It also had the ford motorsport roller cam. I dicovered it...after I'd bought a new one.. thinking the car was "stock".

The SVO saw many minor modifications that greatly helped performace, things like full converterless 3 inch exhaust from the Turbo thru a 3 inch muffler and 3 inch tail pipe. "looked like a sewer drain sticking out from under the bumper".
Non of those modifications made as much impact on the cars performace like the "stroker kit" from esslinger engineering in El Monte California.
the stroker kit stretched the meager little 2.3 2300cc liter into a WHOPPING 2970cc. that's almost 3 LITERS!
The car made 270 horsepower at the rear wheels! it really suprised ALOT of cars and people.

NOw I'm the proud owner of a "champagne colored" 95 Lincoln Mark VIII. Dual overhead cam four valve per cylinder all aluminum 4.6 liter V-8. It's basicly stock and actually pretty quick for almost 4000 pounds. The Mark VIII too had suprised many a un informed driver that
"grandma's car" aint playin around.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Thanks for a place to babble!

Kindest Regards
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