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Link For New Bird Info

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Some of you may know this link, I jsut ran across it and thought it would be good to post here......
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Still Waiting

I've ordered an Evening Black 2002 Bird with the full red insert package. My dealer says it will be in in July. Does anyone have a delivery date for there's yet.
Tulsa Auto show

I went to the auto show last Thursday night to see a real live 2002 Thunderbird. From a comment that Dot had sent me, I expected to see a black one, but they had a blue one. I would call the color a greenish blue, if you have the brochure that has the port hole on the front and shows all the colors, the color of the car was closer to the frame around the car in that brochure. I was very pleased with the looks and would love to see a red one now.
The lady that gave the commentary about the Thunderbird made the statement that one of the features was electrical movable brake and gas pedals. Has any one hear of this feature?

Cory Bowker of Bowker Ford told me that the Thunderbirds would have a public showing on the 4th of July. Ford is planning to put one in every show room be fore they can be delivered to the owners.
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Hmm.. There are over 4000 Ford dealers in the US. It would take two months of production to put one in every showroom. I suspect only dealships with a large allotment will keep a demo on the floor.
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