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List Your Mods!!!

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I would love to see you guys list all your mods.

Here is my list:
Cobra Grille Insert
MAC White Face Gauges
White A/C Control Gauges

Coming in the summer:
Custom Side exhaust

My list is small, as I am poor :) LETS SEE THE MODS

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See my sig for mods! Here's a pic...


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Well, lets see...

B&M Ripper, MAC Equal length shorties, Off road h-pipe, MAC rear
support cover, Flowmaster 2 chambers, Stainless brake lines, Strut
tower brace, Steeda upper/lower control arms, Aluminum driveshaft,
Tokico 5-way shocks in the rear, Tokico 5-way drag struts up front,
MAC cold air induction, Detroit Locker with 3.73 gears, Moser
hardened axles, Port matched Cobra intake, Twisted Wedge heads,
65mm TB, 75mm Bullet mass air, #30 injectors, 190 lph pump with
adjustable regulator,,,, lets see, what did I forget LoL, oh yeah,
the Crower 15512 cam..

Running close to 325 RWHP, good enough to get the rocketship
into the low 12's with Nitto drags on ROH 16x8 wheels.. N/A....

(Was running Powerheads and Ford "F" cam, we just changed
them out this week) Picked up about 35 more RWHP :) Should
get us into the 11's..
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I like it :)

90 LX 5.0. GT40 heads (port matched), Cobra roller rockers, Cobra intake (port matched), headers, Mac 2 1/2" exhaust, 73 mm maf, Cobra clutch, aluminum driveshaft, 355's, Auburn diff, Hurst shifter. Next to come will be upper and lower rear control arms.
gearhead21 said:
Next to come will be upper and lower rear control arms.
What kind of control arms are you going to go with? We have had
real good luck with the Steeda units, but there are a lot of other
good ones out there.
I was thinking of going with the MAC's. They have the poly bushings with zerk fittings, and at $219 (for upper and lower)are less expensive than a lot I have seen.
Good choice.. I use a lot of the MAC products, excellent quality and I've
never had a problem with any of them..
Ahh MAC, excellent!!!

I sell allot of MAC stuff, :), and I sell the arms:
$189.99 + $21.00 Shipping = $210.99

Cheapest price on the net! But like everyone, I am out of stock. I am expecting some soon, can you wait? If you are interested send me a e-mail, or just post here.

Subframe connectors, strut tower brace, Eibach Prokits, Tokico non-adj shocks/struts.
Max Motorsports brake upgrade kit (pad, shoes, s/s lines).
FMS headers, 65mm TB, K&N, catback w/Flows.
16" wheels w/Dunlop SP8000s.
3.55 gears

I think that's it. Best mods were the subs & the gears.
Summit fenderwell cold air induction
FRPP unequal length headers
Flowmaster Force 2 cat-back
180* thermostat
3-row radiator
FRPP strut tower brace

More sometime in the future. I have fun in the sun with it as it is.

hmmmm mods huh?

so far: (cuz youre never really done right?)

Cobra Intake
65mm BBK Thottle Body
73mm C&L Mass Air Meter
BBK Cold Air induction
Modine Radiator
14 degrees
180 stat
MAC Headers
BBK Offroad H
Dynomax Cat-back
Autometer Monster & Shift light
Holley 255LPH
Steeda Subframe Connectors
Cervinis Ram Air Hood
K&N (of course...who doesnt?)
Chrome "pony" wheels
repainted in 1997.


My 93 GT Page
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Well I'm new here, and a fellow Ottawa (area) guy.

Here is what I have done so far to my 88 Coupe.
  • Lowered 2" with MAC springs
  • MAC Upper and Lower Control Arms
  • FlowMaster 2 ½" Exhaust
  • MAC Shifter
  • Ford Motorsport Shorty Headers
  • 95 Cobra R 17x 9" Wheels w/ 245/45/17's
  • 3.73 Gears
  • FMS King Cobra Clutch and Adjustable Cable
  • Underdrive Pulleys
  • Welded Sub-Frame Connectors
  • MAS Air Conversion
  • Cobra Upper and Lower Intake
  • FMS 1.6 Roller Rockers
  • FMS E303 Cam
  • FMS Aluminum Driveshaft
  • Autometer Guages
  • All new A/C stuff

Next up is a complete Interior swap from a black hatch. Should be fun :D

Image uploading. Refresh page to view

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Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18

95 GT Shortblock, no hyperutectic pistons
Edelbrock Performer Aluminum Heads
Lunati Custom Cam, 284 intake 292 exhaust @ .006" lift: .500 intake, .510 exhaust (being replaced by a Elgin cam in new motor)
Ported/Polished GT-40 Intake
Bullet 75 mm MAF With 30# Injectors
3.73 FMS Gears
1 5/8" Mac Full Length Exhaust with Offroad H-pipe
2 Chamber Flowmaster's with 2 1/2" BBK Tailpipes
Multi Spark Discharge 6AL and Blaster III Coil
SVO 2-core, Shiny Aluminum Radiator
Koni, Red 5 Way Adjustable Shocks and Struts
Mac 1 1/2" Lowering Springs
HPM Mega Bite Jr. Lower Control Arms
JRB Subframe Connectors
Lakewood Driveshaft Safety Loop
155L Fuel Pump
HyperTech Adj. Fuel Pressure Regulator

Lookin' for low 12.4's on new motor!

<img src=>
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I'll play

Stock 302 block with fresh rebuild
GT-40 iron heads with "some" work
GT-40 Intake matched to heads
70mm TB and spacer
77mm MAF calibarted to 30 lbs
30 lbs injectors
Steeda #18 cam
1.6 rockers
AFM Power Bypass setup
Mondo Bypass
Vortech S-trim with the small 5 pound pulley

3.55 gears
Tremac 3550 HP tranny
Centerforce DF plate clutch
Pro. 5.0 shifter

Steeda G-trac suspension system
R0H 17x9 Wheels
Nittos DRs - 275 - 40 - 17
Autometer Fuel pressure, oil pressure, and Boost gauge

Dyoned at 365hp / 400 tq with 5 pounds of boost without being tuned.

More **** to be installed soon.
S&M 8pt roll bar
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edelbrock torker2 302 single plane intake.
edelbrock 600 cfm 4 barrel carb.
bbk shorty headers.
crane cam.
crane springs.
fms drive shaft.
fms 4.10 gears.
bbk shorty headers.
bbk off road h-pipes.
2 chamber flow masters with dumps.
world class t5.
electric fan.
no a/c
no power steering.
no smog pump.
no idler pulley.
eibach drag launch springs.
4 cylinder chassis
302 shortblock
ported stock e7t3 heads (exhaust side only)

i know i missed a few things.. but thats just about it.
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I thought I would look back at some older threads. There are some nice machines in here. Anyone else want to add to this.
which mods are your best hp for the money?
Mods In Signature

Here's a pic.


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