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Ok, so a lot of people have gotten new goodies I thought I'd make a post so everyone can list all the mods they have, had, or will have (realistically - no twin turbine-powered hover-Probes :D:D:D)

Here goes mine:

Past mods (no longer on car):

  • Home Depot CAI with HKS filter
  • Hotshot Gen II Headers
  • Test Pipe
  • HKS Exhaust
  • 75-shot NOS brand nitrous system (dry kit)

Current mods:

  • Walbro Fuel pump (255 lph)

Future Mods (near term 3-6 months):

  • URD Underdrive Pulley
  • Removed A/C system
  • Home made CAI
  • Pacesetter Headers (long primaries)
  • Catco high-flow cat
  • HKS exhaust
  • Port/polished IM
  • Coned TB
  • Welded Diff.
  • Eibach Springs
  • Tokico blues
  • Corbeau Forza seat
  • Autopower roll cage
  • 5-pt harness
  • 75-shot dry NOS-brand nitrous

Quite ambitious (and costly), but hopefully I'll see it done :cool:

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I know there are more i just cant remember them right now

The Prototype HotShot CAI for ATX's
HotShot "Gen 5" Headers (need to be installed)
S.C.Morgan Phenolic spacers
RRE Front Strut bar
"Michel's Fiberglass Hood"
Kenwood eXcelon Z828 MP3 player
Precision Power PC4800.2
Boston Acoustics ProSeries 6.5 separates
JL Audio 10W3-D2
Monster Cable XLN Comp401 RCA's and Speaker Wire (even in the doors)
And Lots of Dynamat

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hey, im kinda new to this "moding" thing so my list is kinda short. But hopefully it will get alot longer in the next few months ;)

Imported Mazda J-spec 2.5L/10-1 compression/ KLZE engine, Imported Mazda J-spec ECU,
Pacesetter Monza exhaust,
DLRalt Free-Flow Cat,
ACT unsprung 4 puck racing clutch,

Eibach pro kit,
Powerslot roters,
Rear caliper 95+ caliper upgrade,
17x7.5 Polished Eagle Alloy rims,
Dunlop sport w-10's 235/40/17zr,

Custom clear corners,
Hyper white 1157's and 194 (PIAA),
Hella 20/20 driving/fog lights (55w/130w hyper white),
H4 headlight conversion 90w/110w hyperwhite bulbs,
Blacklight dome light
Blacklight floor lights

JVC 45w deck,
Sony Xplode speakers all 4 corners,
12" Kicker XPL,
Clarion 200w amp,

Aluminum guage overlays,
Aluminum shift knob,
Aluminum peddals,

Future "mods"
Front strut tower bar
window tint
repaint clipers (again)
underbody neons
interior neons
stobelights in headlights and reverse lights.

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Like any one really cares, but I dont mind telling anyway :) This is all on my 95 4cyl bass :)

--- On the car as it sits:
j-spec intake cam
pheno spacers
MSD 6A ignition/coil
Brospeed headers
Pacesetter cat-back
test pipe
disabled EGR/PCV
Superprobe hood
front strut tower bar
rear strut tower bar
lil bit of wieght removal (car wieghs 2450 in Daily Driving trim)
POS slipping stock clutch
110K miles
dying/smoking head

--- Sitting in my garage/ordered but not yet here:
Silver swirlie GT rims
ACT clutch
Aluminum flywheel
every other single part needed to finish the turbo

--- Within the next 2 or three months:
Raw power port and polish (oct. 9th)
mazdaspeed exhaust cam
Phantom Grip

--- Little bit longer term (6-9 months):
Fix all the damn body damage
wings west thruster wing
Ground control's / struts
mazdaspeed sway bars

--- Real long term (at least 2 years)
custom 2 seater interior / sound system
RR racing big brake kit

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What's on er now:

-Hot Shot style CAI (neon green :nuts:) & K&N
-Greddy Cat Back
-Freshly replaced VCG's (i'm rather proud of myself for doing all that work so I'm adding it even though it is not a mod!!!)
-New Transaxle that I was forced to get because my old clutch ripped my old one up when it wore out

Waiting to be installed SPEED:
-NOS 5122 kit (start w/ 45 shot if all checks out {my compression check was good} 75 shot)
-Walbro 255
-NGK plugs
-Test Pipe (not sure w/ the greddy...haven't heard good things :-(

-Neon Green IM and VC
-Neon Green Hose Tech Kit
-Silver Vitek Spark Plugs
-Silver Vitek Hose Covers (got for free cause I complained {ask me how if you want a $70.00 set for free!!! :)
-Under Dash Black lights
-Pioneer Day night Deck (looks AWESOME w/ black lights!!)
-Red and Blue strobe/police lights in fog lights
-Custom switch pannel for all lighting
-17' TSW rims
-Low profile tires
-tinted side windows

Before my car got broken into :-( :
-2 kenwood 12's
-2 Rockford fosgate 2 channel amps (150 rms to each sub :nuts:)
-1 kenwood 4 channel amp
-4 pioneer 6x8's
-kenwood tweeters
-sub box neon green set (whole trunk light up w/ bass notes of music)
-Tinted rear window

Future (2-4 weeks)
-Replace stolen/broken stuff in car

Future (1-2 months)
-Headers (assuming they don't make my greddy sound like a drowning cow)
-Hi Flow Cat (assuming it does't make my greddy sound like a drowning cow)

Big Daddy
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OK.. my list is sligtly short for now.

Freedom designs FSTB
Eibach spings on front.. (from a 1st gen.)
small stereo mods
Fog Lights.

that would be about it.

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Talk about an old post, almost 2yrs. old.....
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