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Locked Tires on F250.

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just checking forums to see if i can find a solution to my problem. Got a 1990 F250. Truck has been giving me problems all year and just can’t find the solution. first trucks brakes were really bad, no pressure to the brake pedal, changed everything that had to do with brakes. (Rotors,Brakes,Master,Booster,Lines) got it to work for a bit, now my tires are completely locked and burnt my calibers and got grease leaking from hub, 2 of my Struts from the rim have broken off. What would be one the reasons my tires are completely locked? Kind of over this truck, have it for about 12 years now but i think its time to say goodbye..

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If your brakes are locking up which is what I think you are referring to then disconnect the vacuum hose going to the booster. If they release then there is pressure on your booster. Which can be the pedal needs adjusting which is common after changing booster or check the brake switch in front of the pedal. If it’s too far in it puts pressure on the pedal which builds up booster pressure. It’s just something people don’t usually think to check.
Another reason brakes lock up and won't release from the rotor is the brake hose going to the caliper is bad inside and not releasing the fluid back to the master cylinder. Crack open the bleeder valve nipple and see if it releases the brake. If so replace the hoses. You said you replaced Rotors,Brakes,Master,Booster,Lines . Did you replace the calipers also?
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