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Long Live The Bronco!!!

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I feel that FoMoCo should bring back the Bronco! This is a great "SUV"! I just bought my first one last October and I love it. The only thing is I am having a hard time finding aftermarket parts for it. I have a 1990 w/police package, heavy duty everything.
Can anyone tell me who makes the rear spoiler for this truck? I already know about the Lund Windjammer, and this spoiler doesn't turn me on as much as others I've seen.

Ford I hope you are listening!
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With an attitude about bringing back the bronco like that you must have seen my posts, LOL. If not, well here's some links....

I think you will find them quite interesting!

Here's a hint, think of "Bronco", and then the year 2003.......:D

Check out those threads man!

Whoa, I didn't know Ford made a police pkg. Bronco! Thats cool. Mine has the trailer tow package which might be the same thing,
It came with an aux. transmission cooler, bigger brakes, wiring, I think a big alternator, the 351 5.8, a c-6 tranny, and some other stuff.

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