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Long Live The Bronco!!!

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I feel that FoMoCo should bring back the Bronco! This is a great "SUV"! I just bought my first one last October and I love it. The only thing is I am having a hard time finding aftermarket parts for it. I have a 1990 w/police package, heavy duty everything.
Can anyone tell me who makes the rear spoiler for this truck? I already know about the Lund Windjammer, and this spoiler doesn't turn me on as much as others I've seen.

Ford I hope you are listening!
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I think that Jack Nasser (current president of Ford Inc.) is sorry that he cancelled the Bronco projects. I was Jack's first major project at Ford to cancel the Bronco including the Bronco II infavor of the Explorer, Expedition units. I know that the Explorer, Expedition units have been sales giants, but in lite of all of the lawsuites concerning "roll overs" that they may have killed at least on Golden Goose for one Golden Egg.
However this problem has made our type of units more valuable in resale or trade in. There are many people out there that require a full size, 2 door, V-8 Truck. The Bronco's that I have seen listed on several websites list Bronco's younger than 1985 that are in reasonably good or excellent shape to be worth over $5,000 dollars. Thats pretty damn good for a fourteen to fifteen year old vehicle.
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