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Am I the only one who is so completely over people showing up on the boards and want a "cheap 67 or 67 gt 500" after seeing gone in 60 seconds? Who else drove their car to see the movie and had every ricer within 200 miles wanting to race you? Just over 3000 made and they want one cheap:WH: I keep posting, "yeah, me too"!

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People get some strange ideas sometimes. There is a guy over at Stangnet right now, who posted a question about his Mustang and swapping the motors. He got several responses, including one from me, offering advice. Then he replies with Thanks, I am selling the car on Ebay and needed to answer those questions for someone. He had just registered that day to ask a tech question so we could help him SELL his Stang!!! I think we should get together, and beat him, then take his stang because he obviously doesn't deserve it. :cussing:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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