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My recent research may help others when the time comes. Note I'm in Melbourne, Australia. Basically my battery went kaput so I was looking for a new one. Purchased a pretty stock battery ($99 K-mart) only to find it wouldn't fit :( Measure up the old battery to find it was ~17cm in height. Standard Aussie batteries seem a couple of cm's too high. Go back to K-Mart to find the only battery to fit was $150. Wow - I thought surely there's a local brand for half that price. Checked out Supercheap Auto - cheapest one also $150 - dam! So I do the ring around - Marshall $195 & others of a similar nature. RACV offerred $155 but that comes with delivery, fitting, 2 yr warranty, etc (with member discount - $170 without). So I go along with the RACV last night. Wake up this morning to find K-Mart have a 25% off all batteries sale this week - ahhh DOH!! But anyway at standard prices you'll find RACV about as good as it gets with the added bonuses as mentioned. I would not have thought the Probe needed such an unusual (for Aust) battery - but there you go.
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