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great forum and he been very helpful so for, but I am having trouble finding paint chips specifically for a Galaxie

I managed to find this

a PPG paint chip card, but as usual it only lists Mustangs and Fairlanes

I am pretty sure the colors are the same for the Galaxie, but not sure enough to order paint for my new to me 67 Galaxie

finding a Galaxie specific card is proving tough

Does anyone where I could download a Galaxie specific chip card from Dupont or PPG

I think, but am not sure, that the Galaxie's all had more metallic finishes than the cheaper Falcon's and Mustangs which had flat poly or enamel finishes

here is my car in in it's current, gradually flaking off, second paint

My car has color code "Q" but I was thinking about Frost Turquoise instead of Brittany Blue

my car has blue interior that was redone in fabric about 15 years ago, I'll probably eventually take it back to the original dark blue vinyl but my car is in serious need of body and paint

so if anyone knows where I can find Galaxie specific colors for 67 I would appreciate it
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