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Just trying to clean out the garage.

This is a list of the most obvious things that I have for sale. In Melbourne.

XE Tails lights - perfect cond
XF S-Pak Dash - Tacho dont work
XE EFI Fuel pump - works fine
XE 2 pin diff - 2.92:1, coil spring
XE S-pak seats - light brown, working
Alloy head from XE EFI
250 block from XE - .040 over, good condition, 30,000k's old
250 crank - 10/10
Basthurst globe style rims - suit Pontiac, buick and cadillac
XE EFI intake
Rear wing from XB falcon

There is heaps of other stuff stacked up in the garage so ask and see if I've got what you want.

email - [email protected]

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