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The Lincoln LS Owners Club (LLSOC) has scheduled LS MANIA 2-HOMECOMING for Wixom, MI on Friday, Oct.12 to coincide with the Ford Racing Centennial at Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, whichs runs on Oct. 13-14.
Two factory tours will be available on Friday, Oct.12. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. This will be combined with tours of the engineering facilities. We anticipate that this will be an extremely popular event so make sure to sign up early so the factory can plan ahead. There is the possibility, however slight, that the factory may be shut down, but we will still be able to tour it and see how a LS is made.

The Ford Racing Centennial will have over 200 Ford racing cars on display along with the drivers who raced them over the years. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event that is not to be missed.

Combine the tour with the Centennial and you have a great opportunity for a wonderful car-filled weekend!

The Marriott Dearborn Inn is going to be the headquarters hotel for the event. The first airport hotel, it was where Henry Ford had most of his executives stay. It is now run by Marriott. Current rate is $99/night with a Friday night stay-over. There are no guarantees that this rate will continue to be in effect as the hotel fills up so reserve early!

I will be creating a page for the event on so you will be able to get the details from there. I have also created a registration form that will need to be sent in advance of the event.

This is a LLSOC members-only event, and as part of that status, the Wixom plant managers, LS engineers, and marketing teams, are looking forward to participating in a round-table discussion with the members to get input on a variety of topics. This will be a unique opportunity to talk directly with the people responsible for the manufacture of our LS! Registration costs $20 and covers the cost of a commemorative T-shirt.

We hope to see all you Lincoln LS enthusiasts there!

Brian Gowing
Lincoln LS Owners Club
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