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LT1 in a Vic?

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I took my '94 CVPI to inspection a week ago. I got to the station, the wait time sign said 125Min. Luckily, it only took about half that time, but unluckily I did not pass inspection. Apparently after idling for about 30min the Vic decided to begin burning oil, and when they pulled it in to put it on the dyno they just kept going cause she was pouring out blue smoke. I've got an appointment to get it checked next Wednesday, but I'm rather concerned. I told the mechanic about my problem, and according to my symptoms its probably something more than valve seals (it doesn't smoke except after long idling periods, which I why I never noticed the problem and why its never come back so far), possibly something requiring an overhaul. I decided that if they tell me I need an overhaul, I'm dropping in a new engine instead, as I don't want to mess with spending all that money to fix this engine when I could drop in a more powerful one for a little more. However, that leaves me with the decision of what engine to put in.

So, if I end up dropping in a new engine, what should I go with? As the title implies, I'm considering an LT1 (best of both worlds IMHO), but the 454 out a Suburban would be a nice upgrade too. Then there's the PI engine (that's Performance Improved, Mustang GT '99+), which many people seem to consider. I guess a new tranny would be neccessary with the 454 (an E4OD or its GM equivalent I suppose) and maybe the LT1, but that isn't such a bad thing (besides the cost of it). On top of this, anything I put in I'm going to want to mod (perhaps not the engine itself at first, but the parts controlling and feeding it, as well as the exhaust) so how would these changes affect my mod options? To CVNet members: could Jerry make a chip for the computers I'd need for these engines?
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GM Engine?!

I have to ask just one simple question, what would posess a man to go to the lengths of installing a GM engine in a Ford car?

My simple answer: more horsepower.

My only big complaint about the Vic is the lack of power when compared to late model Caprices w/ the LT1 engine. Sure there are other, better engines I could put in, but the LT1 is a nice start and as I said that gives me the best of the Caprice with the best of the Vic, a very nice combination.
Dig deep into your Wallet!!!

Reaper....That all sounds well and good...and there is certainly nothing wrong with Dreaming....But examine the Cost of a Project like this!!!...The Purcahse of a New or Used 350 LT1 is Step one...Step Two is mating it up to a Transmission....The CV Tranny will not Just Bolt Up...Then you have a Drive Shaft Issue to contend with....Finally you have the ever famous Computer Issues that Both the Caprice and CV have....The cost of all this is going to be through the roof unless you have a Free supply of all the numerous items required....The Technical Know How to make all this click is another hair raising issue ...I'm willing to bet you the moon and stars that you will need to weld in LT1 Motor Mount points into the CV as well....This can go on and on just at a casual glance.....Like I said !!...Its fun to ponder the Idea....but un-less you are just Rich and money means nothing to you ....This is hardly a feasable idea....I would take the route of just beefing up your 4.6L with 99 GT Heads and getting a Chip up-grade and exhaust mod....A well built 4.6L can wear out an LT1 if it is done properly.....IMHO.......Allen
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Agreed, Allen

This would be foolish folley, IMHO. More trouble than its worth. Plus, the Almighty might strike you down for putting a Chev motor in a Ford.

Just stand away from it for a while, if you decide to do it...

Yeah, you're all right, its overkill, and probably would cause The Big Guy to strike me down. According to the mechanic it might be as simple as new plugs or something like that, though more severe issues are certainly a possibility. I'll try getting a tune-up to see if that helps. Actually, if I could do it myself it would be a lot cheaper, but I've had no luck getting the boots off my plugs, am I missing some trick to it? No matter what I do, they will only pull off a little bit, but not all the way.

Hey Allen, got any rough idea on the cost of a head swap? I've been considering that route in the case that the heads are warped, but I haven't the slightest idea what it would actually cost, partly because I'm not even sure where to find the GT heads. I'm assuming these are the GT-40 heads we're talking about here, or am I completely off?
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Lost Dude!!

You are way off the mark....You need the 99Gt Mustang Heads...or the PI Heads meaning (Perforamance Improved) This is not to be confused with Police Interceptor by any stretch of the Imagination...Un-less your name is Rockefellor (SP)? forget about adapting things that do not mix from the Factory.......Otherwise dream all you want too!!!....I would love to see a CV fly faster than the Space Shuttle.....kEEP IT REAL........then we have some place to work from...I wish you all the Best in the meantime...Allen
OK, so in case the heads are warped, where do I get the GT heads from? Its obviously not the place I was looking, so are we talking about a boneyard or some place like that? And what's a good price? I want to be prepared to do this as quick as possible in case that's the problem so I don't have to have much downtime.

And I am already familiar with the difference between PI (performance improved) and PI (police interceptor). I know my car (sadly) has no better motor than a standard Vic.

Also, what exactly is done when they port the heads? Most of the threads I've seen about a head swap seemed to include porting, so I assume it is something I'd want done if I have to do this.
Not the GT40

Garrett.......The GT40 Heads are for the Windsor Family of Engines the 5.0/5.8L's......The Heads you would want for a real upgrade are the PI Heads...The means Performance Improved....They 99 Mustanf GT Heads are also a good choice....I suggest that you read some of Pauls Posts at the is doing some amazing things with the 4.6L....Paul is 2001 A Vic oddessey over there....Allen
When I said GT I meant Mustang GT. Which ones did Paul put on, or is there a difference between the 99 Mustang GT heads and the PI heads? Thanks for reminding me, I knew someone had done something with a head swap but I couldn't remember who. I'll talk to him, thanks!

At least this time I'd be doing the mod right unlike the MAF fiasco a while back.
Well, I am a cubic inch person LoL

We are in the process of installing a Ford Crate Engine, (460) in on of my CVPI's...

The little 281 CI modular engine is fine, and it has surprising performance, but it is still a little 281 CI engine LoL
LT1 IN A FORD------<><>


While you're at it a Cadillac deathstar into a Yugo would be about the same price and effort... Plus the guys at the inspection station would hold roughly the same attitude towards you
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