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My friend asked me to help him pick out a tach for his car so I went with him to the auto store. He didn't tell me, but he took the road where my XR5 was hit. I would have rather not gone back through there, but he didn't tell me, so we went through there in his car. I noticed that the skid marks from where I was hit are still there. They clearly show how I slid sideways, then while skidding, turned 180 facing oncoming traffic, skidmarks kept going where there the XR5 skid backwards, then you can see where the car started then to spin, making 360 degree skidmarks. They lead right up to the curb where you can see where my wheels and tires hit the curb, cuz there are two black blotches apart as far as our wheelbase is. The front left wheel took a piece of the curb out. That would be where one of my GLS wheels has a small dent and some scratches on the outer lip of the rim.

Then a few feet away, you can see where I burned out the XR5, with breaks in the marks from when I shifted, 3 different breaks in the marks, where it burned 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear.......

I really didn't want to see all this......I'm surprised all the marks are still there so clearly it happened just a few days ago....
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