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This will just be a general Crown Victoria Car Show ! Please tell your friends that Live in MA to come. The biggest meet we had was in
Sturbridge, MA - we had 23 crown vics.. It was awesome. We hope to top that. Thanks. GREG

Yes folks, I have found the location of the Massachusetts "Halloween Meet"!!

It will be at the Northeastern University parking lot in Burlington MA on
October 28th. For initial directions, go to, and look at the directions to
the BURLINGTON CAMPUS. I will try and get better directions to you all soon. Keep your eyes on this link for further details

I'd like this to be a big meet, folks, so let's spread the word, ok? I don't
have everyone's emails, so I'll need your help with this.

Please watch my site for further developments. I know it is a bit far away
time-wise, but let's try not to plan stuff that day, ok? :)

[email protected]

**Visit my Crown Vic site!** (CrownVic)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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