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Well I posted this on PT, but it seems to have been down for like 3 days (I'm dieing over here).

I want to do the 95+ swap on my '93 GT. It would need to be a local donor, and the car would help if it were white. I want to trade all parts & supply some $$.

I want the little piece of ground effects that goes behind the driver's side front wheel. My lottle bugger broke and I want one that is intact.

I want a set of 17" rims and tires. I like thin spoke designs, and I want tires with good life left. Might trade stockers, but I just got new tires (less than 2,000 miles) so I wouldn't mind keeping mine as winter winter.

I also want a '93 Door panel with no power options... no damage shall be acceptable. If I wanted a broken one I'd keep mine.

I'm also taking offers for some spare parts I have laying around

2 - Intake manifolds
2 - Throttle Bodies
1 - Set of Injectors/Fuel rails

List may be updated.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts