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I have always liked the late model Marks. What kind of specs to they have as far as HP and Torqu and Top speed??

Mark 7 Info & Specs

Most Mark 7's share the same HO 5.0 liter engine as the Mustangs which were 225 hp top speed is speed limited by the computer at 116mph.Mark 7's were made from 84-92 and also came in a BMW 4 cyl diesel version.All Mark 7's are Speed Density systems from the factory.
84-85 Models were CFI
86 Models were the first year of the E6 HO but were only 200 hp models.
87-92 models have the 5.0 HO with SEFI and the E7 truck heads which boosted HP to 225.
All models also feature a computer controlled air spring suspension.Also they have computer controlled ABS braking systems and 4 wheel disc brakes.
One of the nice features is that the car is based on Ford's FOX platform and many of the parts for 79-93 Mustangs are a direct bolt-on.This is especially nice with the aftermarket support for this chassis.
They all use the AOD transmission and 8.8 rear end.
All LSC models were equipped with 3.27 gears
Bill Blass models have 3.08 standard and 3.27 optional.
LSC's models also have the quicker ratio rack and pinion steering and firmer suspensions.
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