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Some of the other Lincoln Owners are putting
the new Cobra R Rims on the MarkVIII's they look pretty cool...
But, I really like the look of amazement on the kid in the 5.0..or the little ricer car, when "grandma's car..complete with whitewalls {lol} BLOWS by and there's nothing they can do to stop it.
I've had cars chase me all the way to 135 before giving up...{lol}

The overall "look" is pretty much right where I want it.
Stealthy and almost invisible to the "boys in blue".

I'm not trying to attract attention...
I've always like cars with Stock wheels.

When the Michelin tires wear out..{if they ever do}
I will go with a wider tire all the way around...
I wonder if there's a 245/50/16 witha whitewall...*HMMMM*

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My Tires

On my Town Car I have 235/50/15 Goodyear eagal F1's and do they ever look sharp but I have to say they sure don't have white walls. I just put the american racing thunder cat exuast system on and does it sound good I would tell you to do the same lots more flow so it gives you lots more go but if you are trying to hide from the boys in blue not a good chice

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I will do exhaust...

At some point I'n going to have to take those huge heavy hotwater heater cans out from under my car.

I wanted to get the car into the 13's before removing the stock mufflers...but unless I put a blower on it, that's probably not going to happen. *S*
Maybe a blower next year...

I've used the flowmasters in the past, I really liked them "then" problem with the "flos' are they are kinda ugly and wouldn't look very good hanging off the back of my mark VIII. I really need to see a set stuck under there and "then" make a decision.

The Stealth approach isn't really my goal, in fact usually with most of my cars I'm quite the opposite. My 84 SVO Mustang has a full 3 inch system from the turbo all the way out the back.{sets off car alarms everywhere}

I'm just enjoying my newly found "inviso" option with the MarkVIII.
Rest assured I'll get around to the exhaust.... sooner or later..{smiles}

Is that Kieth's car in the middle?

I did a search for dynaflow mufflers and came upon your post. :rofl:

Nice looking. I still havent gotten mine running well enouph to take it too the track. Tomarrow I get new front shocks. Later on in the week a new compressor, and I've already bought the fuel filter.

I'm thinking of new mufflers exaust also. Do you have the dynomax ultraflows? If so how do they sound and are they bolt on or come with tips etc.etc.

Plus are they too loud? I'm not looking for a loud drone but just noticable when I hit the gas. Anyway, thanks in advance for any imput.
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