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does Nells have details on her site?

if Jonelle has exact details on her site why should we go to CVN to find out bits and pieces that we must puzzle together!

David, if you don't mind, please post the latest information here since the meet is just days away!!!

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Meet, meet, meet!!!

Ooops, Nells doesn't have the info yet, but she does have info on the previous MA meet: thats what its all about!

To see more coverage of Crown Vic meets, check out our friends at JerseyVics Event gallery:

Franklin MA meet info should be on there soon, I just need more info to e-mail the site's owner!

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Hello All!
I finally can say that I have all of the information for the CV meet to be
held in Franklin, MA on May 20th. This event will not be held should it
rain (please keep an eye out for an email cancelation if this happens). If
it does rain, We'll be sure to delay the meet 2 weeks so people can get
themselves prepared. For now, let's hope for the best.

How to get here:
Well I am not from the area, so Joe has typed up some directions that I
will cut and paste below. I can tell you that you have to get off at exit
16 on I-495. Now depending on which way you are coming in:
>From the west: If you are coming in on the Mass Pike, you want to take
I-495 SOUTH to exit 16 and pick up the directions below.
>From the North: You want to be on 495 south bound...
>From the South: If you are coming up I-84 through CT you want to get on
the pike in MA (I-90) and follow till I-495 exit (not sure what #) and go
SOUTH on 495 to exit 16. If you are coming up I-95, you want to get on 495
NORTH to exit 16 and follow directions below.

DIRECTIONS FROM EXIT 16: At bottom of ramp, take right and
follow straight through two sets of lights. At the second set of lights,
take a right (Rt. 140) and head south towards Wrentham, just almost a mile.
We are on the left, next to Goodyear Tire. Look for the cars and a sign.
We are on a slight right hand curve.

If you need further directions please email me.

What to Bring:
We are not sure if the tables that are on site will still be there by the
time the meet happens, so please bring a folding chair if you wish just in
case. Bring sunscreen if you burn easy. If you are planning on cleaning
your car, bring some detailing supplies. There is a car wash right down
the street from us.

When to Show Up?

Well people I will be there at 10am, happily cleaning the car on site. If
any of you would like to come early that is fine by me, otherwise we are
going to say show up around 12 noon. We are planning on staying on site at
the meet location for a while, and then around the time most people are
getting ready to leave, doing a cruise down rte 140 (what a sight that will
be). Maybe if some people are willing to stay after the cruise we can go
to an ice cream stand? Joe is there one around there?

So basically show up anytime after 10am, and plan on the show lasting for a
while into the least 3 or 4 before the cruise. If you have
stuff to install, bring it along! I myself am going to install new
headlights and harnesses. We will most likely be eating around 12:30 or
so. As such, if you want lunch please show up by then, we'll be ordering
out for pizza or subs, and will be taking donations :) Or you can bring
your own lunch. Soda is provided for no charge by yours truly.

One last thing; I need a confirmation list. If you know that you are
coming, please reply to me at [email protected] and let me know
that. Also, please let me know if you have buddies tagging along in your
car or even better, if you have cars tagging along. This way I can plan a
little better. If you do not know right away that's okay, email me as soon
as you know. BTW if you need lodging please email me as well..I can hook
ya up provided there aren't too many. That is if you don't mind sleeping
in a camper or the house for the night...but hey it would be free!

Looking forward to hearing from you all.

aka ChevSub89
'96 P71

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SUPERMAN: What is it exactly that you need to know???

Please email me at: [email protected] and I'll answer any questions you may have regarding Sunday's meet site.

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