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my girlfriend bought a mazda 121 in mint condition pretty much never driven 1994 model, shes had it for 6 months and have had no problems untill recently.

Last month she parked it up after work and 3 hours later there was a pool of red oil underneath. I checked it all out and couldnt find any obvious leakage spots (I assummed it needed to be a hose or bolt for the oil to leak out so rapidly) I checked all around the gearbox, powersteering components and even had a look at the brake line. I ended up tightening a few bolts on the gearbox sump slightly and topped the oil up and there were no leaks.
Then again this morning the same thing happened, a big pool of red oil under the car.

For the oil to leak out so rapidly with no drops of oil previously until it dumps it all at once i figure it cant be a seal could it? The car has hardly been used as i said so all the seals could have hardened up but still doesnt make sense.

I have no idea what it could be. Any suggestions?
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