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well this just happend to day.on my way home i found a mazda (focus in hideing ) well he tryed to catche me it wa turboed and had dual exaust . he tryed to catch me from the stoplight.well to make a short story short at a 110mph he couldnt catch me :cool: (speed limit was 50mph) my focus is stock 130hp so i was happy and my blood was pummping well till next time. have fun focus friends.

p.s. look at my car its cool (jackpot gold )

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you know going 110mph in a Focus and going 110mph in a Crown Vic PI is a totally different thing....

They both feel fast, only the Focus feels kinda "iffy" because you do get an occasional imaginary draft or something that turns your guts and makes you slow down in fear of crashing.....

On a Crown Vic, your stomach gets so excited that it makes your foot press more on the gas pedal till the tickling is more and more seductive..... No matter how larget the car is, it feels like a bullet going that fast! And if you get some wind, your mirrors start flapping.... (kinda, the vibration resembles the comparison to Dumbos ears..... he he)

It is fun, but it is also illegal so cut back on this exercise Focus man!!! h ehe!!!

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I like to know what Mazda has duel exhaust and a turbo ?:confused: If your saying you beat a RX-7 then he wasn't racing you.

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Know what's kinda a pain...

Till I just got my 66 Mustang, I've been driving my Dad's 92 Grand Marquis around. It's got a massive V8, but the car is really heavy, so it's 1st gear is pathetic. Above that, the car really hauls.

Anyway, the pain is that the speedometer only goes to 85. I've raced (my girlfriend) a 90 Celica and afterwards she told me we were going 100+ down the road. I only knew we were going over 85.

O well, I've got the stang now. No more pain.

(BTW: She has a V4 and yes I did win... hehe)
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