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Well, I am a Dayton, Ohio native; and a proffesional musician and student of music at a nearby university. I own a (definately) non-stock Twilight Blue 1992 Crown Victoria LX. (See what you can assertain from the SN.)
My family has been GM fans all thier life; yet one car (and truck) after another that they purchased failed to impress me... and after two years with a Pontiac Fiero (don't knock it; good cheap little sports car.) I decided to find something that was more my style. I loved the Mustang, but it was not big enough for my growing purposes. (I cart around rather large instruments sometimes) So I thought to myself, what's the next best thing? Of course, the V-8 Rear-Wheel Drive C-Vic!
I've become quite happy with my decision, I now have a super-smooth, quiet (ok, so the exhaust isn't THAT quiet anymore.), luxury sedan that, with less than $750 in Mods, will now eat my father's '97 Grand Prix GTP alive. (Just as fast, handles MUCH better.)
I have nothing against GM, but I am certainly a Ford fan... I guess it's in the blood (my Grandfather raced Fords for many years) and it just skipped a generation.:-D Sorry if this is lengthy, but now you all know a bit about me!:)

Good choice in getting that Crown Vic....

I have a couple of 'hobby, fun type cars', but I also own two 1997 Crown Vic
Police Interceptors.

They are both ex Agency vehicles, and in excellent condition. Neither one of
them were ever put into active duty with police departments, so they were
pampered for most of their lives..

They are probably the best high speed cruising vehicles that I have ever
owned, especially with all the heavy duty components that are included in
the "P71" package.

My 1989 LX Mustang is rude, crude, rough riding, and yes, very fast, but
after driving it for a couple of hundred miles you can definitely feel it.......
You can cruise in comfort all day in the Crown Vics though. :)
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