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Ok, we need to stir this up some. I am going to post in here something everyday until some more people get on board! Todays topic, 67 coupe people, do you feel like you are the red headed step child of the group? Has anyone ever found a model, matchbox car, slotcar, or anything that is 67 coupe? I see 64 1/2 coupe, 66 coupe, 68 coupe, 67 fastback, and once in a great while 67 convertable. NOTHING FOR US COUPE PEOPLE! Shoot I can find a room full of fastbacks for my 70 in a week........:fmad: Am I the only one who has noticed this???
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Do you have any pictures of your car?

I've got a 66 Coupe... :)

Check out:

There might be a 67 or two in there...
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