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I want a turtle!
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botch said:
sweeeet cordy,

got any underbonnet pics xr8chic?? im sure the motor is just as nice as that paintjob!:cool:
Actually - the engine doesnt look that crash hot. there is a nice paint job on the engine bay, lots of chrome bits, but the motor needs a good clean:( :( :(

I will try and get a pic next time he brings the car over to my place.

At the eastern creek off street drags the other night, the corty was running. First run - 16.8 (it was his first ever run in the corty)
2nd run - the lights changed.... he launched.... the front lifted up... front came back down - SNAP!!.... He cracked 2 engine mounts.!!!! he still managed a 16.4 though.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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