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Sikeston Motors sux!!
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Hi guys!! how are you all this fine day? I came fer a quik question, and maybe a lil bit of advice and maybe even assistance..
Just recently purchaced a 99F150 with the triton 4.6
where can i find a microtuner fer it?
I realy need on that will do the motors, 4.6 and 5.4
I have found one at motorhaven, its called the 1715 or sumthin, but they want 361 bux!! i was like GOLLLLYY!! :AAHHH:
If anybody could assist me in finding a cheaper place fer this particular performance part pleez feel free to post :bandit: :hippy: :beer2: :1speaker:

Man i love these smileys!!! :heydude: :sperm:
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