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My 9" LSD (4.11's) is starting to make a few noises......I still can't break it though :pow:

Very vague question, but you may be able to help me diagnose it before pulling it out.

It makes a constant clunking sound when cruising down the road which sounds like the noise when you rotate the driveshaft under the car and it takes up the slack in the diff gears as they hook up. I'd guess there's about 15* of slop as it takes up. The noise is slightly louder as I back off, but disappears with my right foot buried.

As I rotate the drive shaft from under the car I can feel the clutch packs cutting in spinning both wheels, then it goes all loose...clunks a bit....then the clutches kick in again???

They're all the symptoms I have doc.

2ND point....anywhere in Melbourne who does a good deal on 31 spline billet axles (Moser)? and can put my new Strange diff parts together?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts