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Missing Fords

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I applaud this place for trying to include all the Fords and allow them each their own forum space, but I noticed there are a few missing. The Ford Escort is no-where to be seen, I know that if there was a ZX2 section, we'd get alot of users there from the ZX2 board.

Also, I noticed that there is no Focus section, with the popularity of the Focus, and all of the aftermarket for it, I am suprised there is not a section for them. Again, I think this is another area that would be frequented often if it were created. I am not sure if there are any Focus forums on the net, but I'm sure if there are, they wouldnt mind coming on over and checking this place out if they had a spot.

Another Ford that I noticed missing was the Ford Festiva/Aspire (KIA). Although not many people modify the little guys, they should still deserve a place here if the idea is to represent all the Ford models.

Other than a few big names missing, this place is great! Keep it up!

Oh another idea, I think the first generation and second generation Probe sections should be broken up a little more into performance, maintenance, etc.

Thanks for listening, or reading should I say?
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There is a SUBCOMACT AREA out here to cover the cars you speak of. No it is not broke down what so ever. When I put this stuff together I tried to set up what I could based on wha I thought would be popular, well posted in area's. Most of ALL of you are here as a result of a email from ME, he he he.... I have not researched the SMALL CARS yet as far as surfing the net and emailing folks to come check us out. I will look into the SMALL cars soon. There is a lot to do at this point, but it will get put up soon. I look at every one that comes on this site, and I do not recall on Focus, or Escort person to date. I will put it up, jsut trying to finish off the bigger fish on the site, he he he
Thanks for your feedback, i will get those cars their ownforums.
How could I break the Probe areas down more!?!?!?
Check out this place, and I think we'll be invaded with Foci:D
That's is a pretty cool site.
here is another one to check out... i am a member on that board and there are a lot of members over there as well :)

Also, I noticed that there is no Focus section, with the popularity of the Focus, and all of the aftermarket for it, I am suprised there is not a section for them.


:) We dont like the Focus :D j/k

This is a brand new board, its still in the works... The administrators are busy setting everything up, they cant get to everything right away. With all the models we have up on the site so far its no wonder they forgot one or two, or tried to put them all under one section (SUBCOMPACT AREA). With some patience and a little more help from the members, Im sure the board will be completed pretty soon.

:) Oh and Tim, I could give you a couple of ideas of how we could break down the Probe areas even more :). I just figured in lack of space and participation for now (that will change pretty soon), not to mention the fact that there are more urgent issues you need to get to first on the board, I didnt wanna bother.
Hey, we here in the bay Area get along just fine with our Foci cousins, just remember it's not the that has the image, it's the ppl that drive them, that gives them that image;)
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