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In a recent Water Rats episode a person was shown
breaking into and stealing a Magna by simply reaching under the dashboard (and presumably connecting a couple of wires together). That upset Mitsubishi, a company spokesman describing the depiction as "purely television puffery" and pointing out that it is impossible to steal a Magna in this way.
"Magna and Verada have a very sophisticated engine immobiliser which has consistently been held up as an example to follow by the motoring associations around Australia (NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RACT, RAA of SA and RAC)," said the spokesman.
He said the "unfortunate representation" had brought the security of Magna/Verada models incorrectly into question.
The spokesman went on to say that the producers of "Water Rats" had unreservedly apologised for any anguish caused to Mitsubishi and existing or potential Magna/Verada owners, and have promised to "right the wrong" in the series’ next round of production.

You used to see a TE50 every now and then in WW but not lately, wonder why that is?

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The availability of cars for Water Rats is controlled by a facilitator. I was involved in getting two cars for one episode's filming and it can be a rather drawn out process for contracts, insurance etc.

The reason you may see cars appear more than once is ease of repeat deals vs new sourcing.
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