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Hello, recently i decided to clean my intake with a towel and some engine cleaning spray and so i cleaned the throttle body, the throttle flap and the IACV.
Next day i took the car on the road and after about some time, after warm-up, it began progressively to rev itself at stops, while on neutral. These revs became so bad that at a stop the car would rev itself to 3k rpm, hold it for a couple of seconds, then drop back to an abnormal idle of 1300-1400 rpm. As i mentioned, this phenomenon intensified with time.
Another thing that i've found is that i can "trigger" this happening by just lightly touching the gas pedal. If i just "pinch" the pedal, the car would gain in rpms to about 2k, hold for 2-3 seconds, then drop down. Since then the idling has always been higher than normal, hovering above 1k.
What i've done so far was check every posible screw of the intake body for false-air as you say that could be vacuumed and i could've find anything loose or indicating there are vacuum gaps. I did an obd test to check if the throttle position sensor has gone bad and when pinching the pedal it doesn't gain ginomously in value, i did a fault check and no errors popped up.
I tried to diagnose if it's the IACV or the throttle body that's causing this weird happening. What i've done initially was to disconnect the iacv sensor that controls the valve (so the valve would stay closed). After doing so, the car still has the same issue but at a lower scale. If i reconnect it, the phenomenon amplifies. I also started the car without the intake filter box to take a closer look at the throttle flap during the self-revving happening. I considered the fact that maybe, after cleaning the flap, there would be an amplified vacuumed air flowing at the outer edge of the flap and this whole thing would make the flap slightly tilt and letting more air in the engine but it doesn't look like it's happening and also the throttle position sensor (taking information from the position of the flap) doesn't increase in value significantly after pinching the gas pedal.

Have you encountered this ever before? Do you have any suggestion? Thanks so much!
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