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I’m posting this as I don’t find much support for this online.

mk5 possibly mk4 cortina rear diff oil change requires 1 litre for 1.6 engine and 1.1litre for 2.0 engine of EP80W-90 GL5. It needs to be GL5 rather than GL4 apparently.

get the car on a level surface or up on ramps.

position your catchment tray below the rear diff. Remove the fill plug on the upper side of the Diff, it’s a 1/4inch drive. Do this first incase you aren’t able to and you’d be left with an empty diff with no way to fill it.

next remove the bottom middle 20mm bolt on the rear casing of the diff. Thisgoes through to the oil so will drain through. Leave to drain for say20 minutes.

refit the 10mm bolt and fill from the top fill hole as photographed until new oil starts to flow back out of the hole. Replace your fill plug and make sure both are tight and you’re done.


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