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Hallo everyone!

3 weeks ago i became proud owner of 2017 Ford Mondeo 2.0TDCi Titanium.
So far car is really great and I really enjoy spending time in it. However, there is one thing that bothers me. So let me try to clarify it in more details.
Car is equiped with Sync3 system. Sound, air-conditioning, navigation everything is fine. However, when listening music from USB it is not possible to go up and down in folders using buttons on steering wheel. This fact is causing me a lots of headaches because every time I want to change folder i need to look at the screen and press it 10 times. Not just that, if I selected a specified folder(not Play all option), once last song is reproduced notification come up to press Browse and select everything from the beginning. That way I am losing focus, which should always be 100% on the road.
Please tell me, is there any way, anything i can do in order to mitigate this problem? Is there anything that can be done to enable changing folders using steering wheel buttons?
In my previous car, Focus MK3, 2011, there was a very simple music player where I could change almost everything related to sound using steering wheel buttons allowing me to have focus on the road all the time.

Thank you in advance.
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