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I need to get some 1/4" bolts and fender washers. for the chin spoiler.

Then last night started canceling out Check engine light errors.
So up to the parts car, get the VRIS solenoids. One was good, other failed.
Both on this was failed. So pulled one off a KLZE intake I have in the shop.
So thats two codes down.
Leaves EGR (will never work again its MIA)
Then tripped a MAF for some reason, so swapped it out.
Then the Fuel pressure solenoid, its on order.
Be here tomorrow.
With 95+ degree days that Fuel pressure solenoid is important.
It raises fuel pressure to keep vapor lock away. It shows on these
hot days, it starts missing, but as temp drops it straightens out.
At least hope thats all it is. Could be the igniter.
Harder to check. if it goes bad, I'll be convertingt to an HEI
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