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You probably heard recently about the Qld ambos slapping a ban on driving their F-250s because of possible faulty steering caused by shoddy RHD conversion.

In the Sydney Morning Herald there is this article about the new Aussie F-Series.
What goes up ...
Ford's latest attempt to colonise our roads with American mechanical dinosaurs has begun embarrassingly.
The new weapon (there's no better term) is the F-series 4WD pick-up truck - nearly six metres from nose to tail and two metres from side to side. Yesterday a shiny new example climbed a challenging set of wooden steps in front of media at a 4WD course in Narbethong, outside Melbourne. It got to the top and stopped.
A red-faced PR flack blamed a fuse. Two mechanics worked on the vehicle but, with an engine which still refused to start and a weight approaching three tonnes, it wasn't going anywhere. The mechanics gave up after 90 minutes or so, by which time the journalists had repaired to lunch - with the stranded Corolla-crusher still in full sight of their tables. Nonetheless, from next week Australians will have the chance to buy an F-Series of their own, with an optional 7.3-litre engine.

Also on BON there is an article about Ford USA getting a class-action lawsuit over supplying incorrect radiators in some F-150 models. 1999-2000 model year F-Series owners are claiming that they ordered the optional trailer towing or SuperCooling package, both which Ford specified included a larger radiator. Many F-Series
owners later found that Ford did not install the larger radiator as specified in the dealer's ordering books and Ford's sales literature.

The 1999-2000 standard F-Series radiators were single core units measuring 1.02" thick. When a 1999-2000 F-Series was ordered
with a SuperCooling package, the radiator was upgraded to a two core, 2.2" thick radiator; however, in many instances the standard
radiator was installed rather than the optional unit specified by Ford as part of the SuperCooling package.
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