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Ok, well I have asked the help of professionals and conveyed my future plans for my XY with a friend of mine who builds cars like these for a living at Pro Street Restorations in NSW. Unfortunately being on the otherside of the country I can't use him to do the work...

He basically said that the chassis rails on the Falcon are an issue and will put an end to my plans, so they have to be moved.

He recommended the fabrication of a new section of chassis rails starting where the chassis starts to flare out. The fuel tank will have to be removed and replaced with a fabricated one, or a fuel cell in the boot so that the chassis rail can run straight back.

On the up side though, the ladder bars can be run from the original front spring hanger holes, as there is already a crush tube through the chassis at that point. The leaf springs run outside the chassis, but the ladder bars would run on the inside.

All sounds pretty easy, but that rework on the chassis rails is very labour intensive and extremely costly. I assume that the whole boot floor will have to be replace too probably...

Given that at the same time I need a 9" diff conversion, which needs to be narrowed, based on Sydney labour prices I'm looking between 6-7 thousand for the job. Hopefully once I get a quote here in Perth the labour costs will be a lot less though.
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