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Found a link on Edmund's classic car board.
I wanted to let everyone know about this great movie called "Woman's World" that has pure platinum footage of mid 50s Fords.
I had never heard of it before. Saw it at the video rental store and discovered it's about the head of an automobile company who has to replace his deceased general manager. His 3 best men are all equally qualified, so he wants to see them with their WIVES to decide on the best "package" to represent the "Gilmore" Motor Company.
Turns out the "Gilmore"s are nothing less than Lincolns, Fords and Mercurys! Great scenes of the proving ground with high speed shots of a group of 53/54 Fords taking on a high banked track, inside the factory, interior design studio, the styling department with live action models of future products and several scenes of the XL show car on the road as well as in the lobby with a second coral colored "dream car" shown as well.
It's a sleeper, because the title could make you over look it amongst all the action pictures.Stars Clifton Webb, Lauren Bacall, Fred MacMurray, Van Heflin, and June Allison. A real look into the 50s.
If you're wondering why a guy with a Chevy Cavalier and a 63 Valiant would bother passing the first love was a 66 Mercury Montclair 4 door. The first car I owned on my own was a 66 Mercury Comet Caliente 2 door hardtop. I wish they were both still around! Dave
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