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Hey Jimmy, since the untimely demise of PT, I wanted to get in touch with Mark K. and I don't know his email addy. I shipped some stuff to his house and I can't seem to find the email, so I was curious if you have it.

Tom picked up the car so you should see what I am doing with the extra $$$ I ordered pacesetter headers, KYB struts, and Intrax springs (I like the extra drop). I also bought 2 new 10" subs, an amp, pulled the tweeters off the 1st Gen, got a battery relocation kit for my optima, and mark has a high-flow cat for me and a homemade short-shifter. After a summer of no mods, I am looking forward to the next week. Anyways, shoot me his email addy if you have it: [email protected] Thanks

By the way, whenever I head out to pick that crap up, I'll see if you are around so I can get you to do that TB when you have an extra second.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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