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MS-IBC Boost Controller – Proven 7 second performance

The Gizzmo MS-IBC is the competition boost controller for the serious enthusiast. In developing the MS-IBC, out aim was to design a boost controller that would cater to the serious drag racing professional while still being quite at home on the streets. Gizzmo's Multi-Scramble IBC takes the conventional scramble one step further.

A conventional scramble function allows the user, upon the push of a button, to run higher boost for a temporary period (e.g. 2lbs extra for 5 seconds). Gizzmo's Multi-Scramble function allows the user the option of again pressing the button before the scramble time has completed to add the same amount of boost again and refresh the original time duration.

The Gizzmo MS-IBC Boost Controller is packed with all of the features required for competition while still being a great looking controller that is easy to use and install.

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