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Mustang SSP Pricing Tips needed

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Can Anyone Give me some guidlines on what would be considered as reasonable prices for 1991 to 1993 Mustang SSP's....I would be interested in only models with 5-speed manual transmissions!!...I would prefer a car of the Un-marked variety with power windows and cruise control options are of little importance. I just keep seeing cars for sale in my region that are priced completely out of reason vs.thier condition....I do work for a Major Airline so travel in most cases is not a difficult issue should the right car the right price pop up....Thanks for any assistance you can provide on price guidlines.......:D
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I have looked around the midwest and these cars (in good to excellent condition)
are very hard to find..

I did check out a few leads, and the prices were in the $3,500 - $4,500 range...
That isn't too bad of a price, but the cars I looked at were pretty well beat, and
the mileage was 125,000+
The Song remains the same!!!

I have seen just about what you have seen in regard to the cars general condition...but the prices have all been in the 5000.00 to 6500.00 dollar range(Yuk)...The best one so far that I have seen is Duckryders at 6500.00...His car on paper alone beats the heck out of anything I've seen to date. I bought a new issue of Mustang and Ford trader tonight while I was on the way to work. , Guess who's Mustang SSP was in there?....Yep you guessed it!...."The DuckRyder's "..I had to flip past the page quickly!.....I'm love what I'm seeing but I'm just not ready to take that large of a plunge right now.....I'm sure I will live to regret not jumping on this one.....BTW where the heck has everyone been? the site got a dose of the B.O.N. flue or what?.......Allen
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Hey Allen, how's it going?

Yeah, that 'stang of Duckryders does sound and look like a good
one. Believe it was on where he had the picture
posted, and it looked good. The mod's on it sounded really good
to. From what I remember it seemed that all it needed was a
little suspension work for it to be ready to fly =)

Not sure where all the 5.0/5.8 mustang and CV folks are at, seems
like it has been very quiet everywhere. The 5.0/5.8 board over on
the are pretty quiet too, and well, you know how BON is....

Anyhow, my ford mechanic guru friend is going 'cam crazy', and
wants to pull the "F" cam out of my stang and try out one of the
Crower 15512's.. Getting where he can do these cam swaps
almost as fast as I can change a set of sparkplugs :)

Let me know how everything is going with your little project..
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Sounds like you are having fun!!!

Hey JW....Yes I remember Robert's 1991 PIC/POST too...all to well to be honest!!!...It haunts me you are going Hog-Wild on the cams...thats cool as heck....I wish I could do engine work that quick...Three issues hamper this....1-God Given Ability...2-and Endless supply of money to do all I would like to do!!!...3-Time. Things are moving slow as usual on the 88 P72 project. Bluesmobile as gotten my passenger side Spotlight mount coming hopefully tomorrow,he already has the light itself on hand...I can't meet him till thursday to pick it all up...I'm also toying with the Push Bumper Idea too!!...Bluesmobile has that on hand as well....My job schedule just makes thing very difficult without not getting proper rest. I can Ill afford not to be at my best in my job...too much rides on my ability to think clearly!!!!....Well for now its all about being continuely patient....Like Rome ,it wasn't built in a day!!....Good thing this is not a primary vehicle. I still have to arrange an exact meeting date with DuckRyder in Atlanta....There again they job schedule is a conflict!!!....My work week ends at 7 am Wednesday...I have to come back to work a day early this week....Friday night at 7pm gets it all cranking again....I have to cover another guy whom has time off. Oh well thats a little extra to spend on car parts in the long run. I'm hoping Robert and I can hook up next week...a Thursday is the most ideal time no matter what week it is. Take care my friend....Stay in touch!!!........Allen
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Re: Sounds like you are having fun!!!

Two Trick Vics said:
Hey JW....Yes I remember Robert's 1991 PIC/POST too...all to well to be honest!!!...It haunts me you are going Hog-Wild on the cams...thats cool as heck....I wish I could do engine work that quick...Three issues hamper this....1-God Given Ability...2-and Endless supply of money to do all I would like to do!!!...3-Time.
Well, I have one big advantage that I am thankful of, a personal friend of mine owns
the local Ford dealership, and the ford mechanic 'guru' friend that I have talked about
in the past is also his chief mechanic at the dealership.

Because of that all the labor is more or less free, and we are allowed to use the
facilities and all the special equipment they have during slow periods, or after
normal hours.. :)
You Lucky Dog!!!!

JW , You just make me sick!!!(Kidding of course)...I do the majority of my work myself in my garage...I have to seek out help where I can get it .for fear of getting in over my head on certain issues...Books/Manuals and the help of a gifted friend or two is all I've got!!! you do have a good deal going there....It must be nice!!!!!....I'm jealous as hell ....Everybody I know at the Ford Dealership in the maintenance end has his hands poised to reach deep in my pockets......On the parts Counter side of the spectrum I do in fact have friends......I need to stop now before I get a bad case of acid stomach...I do envy your circumstance beyond belief......Allen
Dang, Now I know why my ears are burning lately :)

Illoked quite a bit when I bought mine, and they were all in the 5500 up range. Mine had had quite a few things fixed (dash holes and so on) when I got it and I've done some other stuff to it. It is a nice solid car with clean interior. the Saleen suspension is new on it and it has quite a few mods that i would have done myself if it had not had them so to me that made it worth the asking price.

(to some who want to restore them to service condition it decreases the value.)

The only thing my car needs to me now is a paint job, (not that it is terrible, but it has an FHP quick cover up the tan job now) which it will get after the ad expires, along with the cam, heads, rockers intake and other little stuff.

To be honest, unless you luck out and catch a 93 on auction somewhere, i think its going to take in the 5000.00 minimum range to pick up a nice one.

Performance Autosport usually starts at about 8500.00 when they have one.
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I think you are Most coorect Sir!!!!

Robert.....I think you are more than correct on the price of 5k for a Stang......Thats exactly what I would call a minumum price in this area....and like I said the cars just plain beat and tired!!!!.......So you did the Tan roof spray over Huh?.....I thought so ....I often wondered about that?......We have about four Ex-FHP Stangs here in Charlotte.....All are still in th origional Tan/Black Scheme.....1 friend of mine that I meet via a Speed Shop has one that still has the working Radar Unit in it and all the numbers and decals on it too......He gets hassled from time to time......That's too Overt for me!!!!!....Do me a favor.....Torture me !!..and get it over with....Bring the Stang to the Carb for cash swap......I really want to see it..........Allen
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I'll bring it.

I was told that the FHP did the "cover up" Sevearl on the SSPony list said that was probably true. However the guy I got it form got it fron his cousin who got it from a dealer. Him and his cousin swear they didn't do it. and that the delaer said they didn't, but I have no way of knowing for sure.

Its a definate quicky, you can still see where they DA'ed the decals off, and its peeling where they did not sand it well. arounf the windows and such.

Its really a shame, since other wise, its really nice.

Oh well, I'm almost hoping no one buys it so i can get to putting the mods on.

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Update! Update!! LoL

Cold and miserable outside, so my ford mechanic friend took the 'stang in and
did a couple of mods.

Put on a set of TrickFlow Twisted Wedge heads (202/160) 242 CFM, and took
the "F" cam out and installed the Crower 15512 cam (.496/.512 lift).

Picked up an honest 35 RWHP after a dyno tune.. Should be very close to the
11's now :) He said if it wasn't in the 11's N/A I would have to go on a diet
and loose weight :(
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You have had the Shop busy!!!

JW !!!....You have had the Boys in the shop Busy I see!!!....That's great!!! the 11's Huh?...thats wild!!!....I hope you can keep it in the road too!!!.....Things are going to get moving a little better for me too!....As you have seen...Robert and I are hooking up Thursday around Lunch time in Atlanta. We are meeting at a place called Mustangs Unlimited in a place called NorCross Ga. (just the name alone sounds good)....This will place the Carb/Intake and needed Linkages in my hot little hands.....Bluesmobile E-mailed me last night saying that the R/H spotlight mount for the 88 P72 had either Wednesday or Friday I will be able to get that from him...He may go to an Auction that might mess things up , but that's no biggee!!!.......As soon as all the parts are in hand..I will arrange the Roll-back to come pick-up the car for all the work to start.......The Body Shop is going to have thier hands full!!!!....Painting Everything...Drilling out the two Spot-Light holes/installation.....They do have to do the entire car...underhood and trunk included. The car will of course have new Bodyside moldings too....I have had painted Pin-stripes factored into the total price,but I may delete that idea.....Most people,including Bluesmobile thinks that its a stupid idea....The car had them I'm kinda at a point of un-certainty on it .....What's the "Crew" think about it?..........I need to bolt for now...The Airplanes are crying for me!!!!........Allen
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Sounds like you have your hands full too, and that you car is well on
the road to getting it where you want it :)

You should take some 'before and after' picture when various things
are completed on it..
or is that :)

The mustang went to its new owner today, he came from Alabams and took it back with him. Seemed like a really nice fella and a real car guy. I miss the silly thing already, but I got a fair price and he got a nice car so I think we are both happy.

Another Dream Down the Tubes

Robert , You Dog.....You Sold the car already?.....Just kidding....Thats great for you !!!Well in a sad way....I was really hoping to get to see it!.....but this works out well for both of us.....You've got your money....and temptation is removed from my path!!!......I hope you find another really cool Ford to get involved with.....You have too much valuable Blue Oval Know-How to waste on just BMW's.....No Knock on the B'mer.....I'm just loyal to Ford....See Ya Thursday if we don't chat prior!!!!!..............Allen
Well the man came with 60 nice crisp 100.00 bills so he left with it.

That of course leves me no choice but to stick the "X" heads and the 1.72 rockers on the VIC.


(Can't just let them collect dust can I?)
Take the Money and Run 60 Dead Presidents took it away from you Huh?....That's cool.....Did the Guy spot it on the website or the Mustang trader ?.......So which car will you be driving thursday?......I would love to see your P72 if possible!!!.....I will leave CLT by 0700 so I will be in Norcross in plenty of time to meet you !!!!!......Allen
Hey Guy.

I'll try to bring the P72. If not I'll be in the Intrepid.

I'll shoot you a mail tomorrow "off list"

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