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about the car care

WEll, about that car care, and sorry it took so long to write back, the site has been acting funny and not accepting my posts. Believe it or not, that car had not been waxed in 5 months at the time of that photo. It is a daily driver, and was just freshly washed. I was using a turtle wax car wash I believe that had a waxing additive in it. I have used a few of the washes with the waxing additive in them and they all work well. Another part about how shiny it looks. The paint on it is laser red, so it kinda sets itself off. Thanks for the compliments, and I hope I could help, once again, sorry it took so long.
Ryan Worden

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Hey Ryan,
Nice car. Not so unbelieveable. I restored a 66 Sprint 200 Mustang Coupe when I was growing up. It was family owned since new and except for paint was completely restored and I learned to drive in that car, at 13. Alas, when I was 15 my dad and I were driving in what was the country around Houston at the time. We were on a 4 lane hwy. and hit a racing Horse. How you ask? Well, a lady and her daughter were coming back from a race and for the first time did not have a ranch hand with them. Horse got caught in the feeding troff and they pulled to the side of the highway and called the horse out. :eek: It took off down the highway to meet us head on in a curve at night. Well, insurance said the car was worth $950 and cost a grand to fix. This was in 1980. I begged them to pay the $50 bucks out of pocket because it would be worth so much more. There really wasn't that much damage and the frame was fine. Well that didn't happen but I got a new car the next year. Still miss that car.
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