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lookin good as should put up some shots from the rear, the euro's go REALLY good with that color

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Yep can't forget this car from MM2K. You did all the work yourself uh? How about I fly down to Atlanta and you can do some stuff to mine j/k. But your car looks good as always.

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Tang Pgt said:
haha, no problem Or you could drive up to NY . ohhh and don't forget to bring the green.
Are you talking about money, or the other green stuff ? You know Mexican gold. Just kidding with you.

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james 93 probe gt said:
sweet color and i like the kit. is there anything done to the inside?
Here's what's on the inside :

(pretty sure I got everything, not counting current projects of course)

Custom Orange Pearl PPG finish
FX Designs body kit (no seams)
Freedom designs rear spoiler
Red Ford emblems
Fuba Antenna
European taillights
European front corner lights
Pilot fog lamps
TSW 17 Revo rims
Sumitomo HTRZ 2 235/45/17 tires
Tokiko Illumina 5 way adjustable struts
Ground Control coil overs
Goodridge SS brake lines
Painted calipers
DBA drilled and slotted brake rotors
Addco rear sway bar
FAST strut tower bar
Polished valve covers
Bosal Headers
High flow cat
Greddy exhaust
MSD SCI Ignition
MSD HVC external coil
Magnecore ignition wires
Hotshot intake
TB elbow
Ported and refinished intake manifold
Phenolic spacers
100 shot Edelbrock Nitrous system
Vitek 4 puck kevlar clutch
lightened flywheel
B&M Pro Edge shifter
Spun alluminun shifter ball
All Auto Meter Instruments in a custom cluster
Painted interior trim
Alpine security system


3 2 channel amps from Audison
1 4 channel amp from Audison
1 Audison Active crossover
Sony Mobile X-ES P1 all digital
3 Lighting audio caps
dedicated system battery
2 10' AVI subs
4 AVI mid bass divers
2 AVI Midrange spekers
2 AVI tweeters
2 AVI 6x8 for rear fill

Everything in custom enclosures.

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I've been thinking of submitting it soon. I have a few more things I have done to it now . And I have just a few more to do. Then I think it will be ready.

Those mags pretty much cater to Honda's anyhow. booooo

Boooooohoooboooooooooooo!!!!! Im am just sooooo SICK of seeing Hondas in SCC and Supper Street. Hondas are played out, people why do you keep buying them??? And the new ones are especially hideous, please its a grocery-getter and NOT a sports car. Ohhhhh God why did you get me started on Hondas?!?!?
Anyways, good luck, you should be able to get in either SS or SCC. Be sure to let us know when you make it!
I think Mikal and Mike Baxter also have a shot (even though as far as I know noone knows what Baxter is up to nowadays). If all four of you (including Incheck duh) would make it thatd probably get us finally some aftermarket attention. Good luck, keep us updated, ;)

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Your car is sweet. I wouldnt change a thing.

So did you do your paint job yourself also? I need some prep work pointers. I also have a digital camera if I need to take pics to show you some of the problem areas. Nothing too big. I just want it to be cheaper when I take it in to spray. I don't have a garage, but maybe you can give me some good ideas because your paint looks AWESOME.

Keep it real


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The most important thing is paitiance. Take your time and things will turn out great !

Basically things to a great paint job are :

removing all the old paint (strip to metal)
removing as much parts as you can
I painted most of the parts off the car (doors,hood ect...)
This wat there are no tape lines in the door jambs.

be patiant thats the whole thing !

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Iam currently looking into getting all the other unpainted part's of my car to be matched to my new paint job. Cause you can see the paintline's. Other then that my paint job is pretty nice...

but your probe is just awsome...
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