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My 2000 Lightning

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Here's some pix of my L.

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Damn, thats a good looking truck. I wouldn't mine owning one of those.
Yeah, that is SO much nicer than the Extreme. What kind of specs does the Lightening have anyways? Does it use the 5.0?

Is it based on the F-series body? I don't think that I've ever seen one in person. But plenty of Extremes. (Alaska)

Speaking of Extremes, arent they just a basic S-10 with extra ground effects and the 4.3L?
You know If I owned a Truck, thats what it would look like. :D

Looks awesome, don't change a thing !

Love it !! :)
The Lightnings come with a supercharged 5.4 liter V8. The whole drivetrain has been beefed up to handle the conservatively rated 360 hp and 445 torque. Stock form, they do about 13.9 sec. With a chip and filter down to 13.5 sec. Visit http/ for more info.
God as my witness, I'm getting one of these things.

Sweet truck double - z! :)
Where are you in TX? I live in Shreveport, you can check out the pics of my L and Cobra under 95 Cobra 00Lightning.

I ran a best of 13.76 at 98 mph into a 15mph wind. Truck was bone stock with 9500 miles on it. Another stock 2000 was running 13.6s and 13.7s all day with a freakish 13.49 thrown in. The 2001s are running 3-4 tenths faster than the 2000s. Many are getting 13.3s-13.4s stock.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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