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My 5th Ford coming Monday......Hello!

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Hello Gang,

I'm a previous owner of 2 Mustang GT Vert's (88, 94) a 92 T-Bird, 94 Probe by marriage and a 98 taurus.....and coming monday is a 93 Grand Marquis. Can't wait to get this one....nice a big and comfy and powerful. I got started loving Fords when a buddy of mine threw me the keys of his '86 Mustang GT Convertible. I couldn't believe how much fun it was to drive and turn with your right foot. My previous experiences were all VW convertibles which are fun too...but mighty mighty slow. I haven't looked back since. Looking forward to playing with the 4.6 Litre motor....who knows what can happen.

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Good luck with your new car. Good to see someone else from Marietta. :D
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