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hi guys. i am trying to spread the word about this forum but we better get some banter going so if we have guests, they will have something to read! i got my 62 running (first time since 77!). i put all new brakes (incl. lines and hoses) a new gas tank and lines, and an engine (blew a head gasket, thats why it had a long nap!). i also put in a trans as it had a truck tranny in there and the parts car had a good working original. i am putting up a collage of my cars, #1 is my car when i got it and after i put on some 16" wheels (haven't tried the skirts yet). #2 is the first parts car before and after. it was a pretty good car but very high miles and needed a lot. the previous owner had done the engine and a few other things and then gave up (hence the engine for my car!). you east coasters should know out here this is a parts car! #3 is my other parts car. it was an orig paint car and the guy scored a curb and trashed the right rocker. it was fixable and he started (thats why it has primered fenders) but then he gave up. i am hoping to start parting it soon. i have a lot of parts from these and two 63's and a 66 i found in a wrecker. i am e-baying as fast as i can but if you need anything e-mail me. also i have a 63 AM/FM on e-bay right now and it is still pretty cheap; . thanks, hawkrod


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