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"Emily" has 227k miles, I got her with 26k, and she's never been towed since I owned her. Transmission was rebuilt at 196k, and radiator replaced at 206k.

Original starter, CV joints, hatch struts

94 GT wheels with 205/55r16s fit perfect (no spacer required)

Sony CD, JBL and rockford speakers, and Boss Amp. (I know, they suck, but they're good for the money)


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Nice 1st Gen Probe. I've only ever seen these cars in pictures. We weren't lucky enough to have any brought over to Oz. Great colour too.

Probe stying is ageless. I cannot believe that your car is 12 years old!

Thanks for your picture.

I found an old Probe 'model' in a local hobby shop. I was specifically looking for a 2nd Gen (seems impossible to find here) and located this great little 1st Gen kit. I didn't pick it up at the time, but the more I see of these cars, the more I think about paying them another visit.

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Welcome to the board Bryan! I remember that picture from the Nepo site, it was taken in Myrtle back in '99, right?

Car looks great, my very first Probe looked the same. It was the same model, same color, I even had the same 94GT wheels (your car kinda convinced me of getting them...) :D I think I even talked to you when I got the wheels and had fitment problems, but that was over two years ago...

Anyways, its good you found this place, looking forward to seeing your posts around here!

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"Probe stying is ageless. I cannot believe that your car is 12 years old!"

Actually, Emily is over 13 years old- Her build date was March, 1988. She actually rolled off the assembly line the same month as the '88 MX-6 that I was parked next to at MM2K. (Manifest Destiny)

Woo Hoo,

PS. Pic was of the Car at MM99. I rear ended a pickup on the way to MM2K (still went, though!)
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