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Hi. Im new to the site, well i have a 91 tempo and so far ive been working on fixing it up and putting a nice sound system in, i got a 1000 watt rockford amp to push to 800watt subs, and a 450watt amp to push the 4 speakers. also i was wondering how a spoiler would look on a 91 silver tempo, its funny i see alot of tempos on the road but whenever i need a part theres never any in any junk yard. Ive been looking to get my hands on a 2 door one, pref red with a v6 and man trans. prob hard to find. i saw a 2 door white but it was all burnt up inside. im still deciding on whether to get it. well if anyone has any ideas for me, im glad to hear em.

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I take it since you are wanting a 2-door that your car is a 4-door. I have seen a couple of 4-doors running around with spoilers on them, some good and some bad. One was an 87 4-door with an 87-93 Mustang GT spoiler on it.. it was yuck. Didn't fit right, looked horrible. The ones that look good I have seen with some of the better looking "universal spoilers". Just measure the trunk and go to some of the websites out there and get measurements off of a universal spoiler and find one that fits.
Like this:

Conrad also had a DTM spoiler on his car. I'm not a fan of the DTM spoilers, but his did look pretty sweet.

here is a picture of his:
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