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John you need a good job cleaning your car. Tires and wheels look good. The car looks a lot better with out the banner on the front windsheild. :D

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That's got to be the nicest background I've seen in a long time! Very nice rims! Hey is that lady eating that cucumber!?!?

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Good looking car. I have some questions.
Ditto the cucumber question:D
What place is in the background?
What mods are available to the probe motor and whats the most power you have heard the probe developing

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engine mod's:
2.5l 24v DOHC V6

all the basic bolton's
Cold Air Intake
Underdrive Pullies
Highflow cat
plug's & wire's
supercharger setup from TKT(custom)
Turbo setup TKT(custom)
NOS kit (custom)
stroker kit to 2.7l
Cam's from colt cam's
and interprep cam's
vaf to maf converstion
valve job's
Port and polish
short throw shifter
LSD racing transmission
varity of racing clutch's from stock replacement to a six puck
addco sway bar
differant strut tower bar's front and rear
groundcontrol coilover's 1' to a 4'drop
sprint spring's 1.8'drop
Intrax spring's 1.75' drop
Eibach spring's 1.25'drop
Leda custom spring's or coilover's
kl-ze part's swap
swap in entire kl-ze engine for 200hp
there are more but i can't think of anything else right at the moment , given some of these don't net any HP but help out to gain back or help put the hp to the wheel's....
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