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My Au XR8

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Here is my second it

Shame you cant hear it on here!!!!


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had it about six months now........traded in my EL2 XR8 with body and sunroof.

Au has 50K's on it

She is my baby and get lots of TLC!!!
Thanks for your comments...

I had plates on my EL, dont think anyone else has had them!!
Au is an Auto, current mods are exhaust and future mods at the moment include lowering, brakes (standard are crap!!) and series 2 bits (like yours!!!!!)

Not sure if i am going to put driving lights into new nose, they were on the car when i got it...

I think the Au is great, i think it handles better and puts power down heaps better. I am disapointed in the specs though e.g no engine cover, no height adjustable seat belts and no door lock button.....all of which my EL Had
Just installed alarm which locks doors when you start engine.
Does yours have selt belt height adjustment??? do you know if i can upgrade mine???

here is another pic of driving lights


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Yeah i know what you are saying and agree (not much weight though)
I just like the look of the series 2 cover

Just remembered another mod, replaced factory air intake scoop with T-Series
will do.....

Decided Bigger brake upgrade can wait, ordered DBA Sport Rotors
drilled and grooved along with Green stuff Roadsport kelvar pads yesterday........cant wait to feel the difference.

still wouldnt mind seeing closer pic of your setup
Looks great, must give you awesome stopping power!!

remember fun is not in a straight line.....:eek:
new stoppers should be on today!!:nuts:
Got new stoppers fitted today
finnaly went for
DBA Gold drilled and grooved rotors with Bendix New Performax pads

At the moment they are very scary :evil: but should be good once bedded in, which acording to Bendix should be 500k's

Must say, they look great though and hopefully less dust!! Neighbours think im crazy washing car everyday!!!!
yes i know very slack:cussing:

Should have more pics soon

including brakes, painted mirrors and engine cover.....

If i could find someone who knew i a thing about lowering an AU i might get it done:D
Ok here are a few more pics

Where the horses play...:D


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New Brake rotors........a bit small..:(


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here is a view of rear.....


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and another.........:D


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and finally one of the cockpit!!!


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XR8 and Tickford Badges are extra i put on
1) XR8 on glove box
2)Sml Tickford wings (from wheel centre) on ashtray
3) XR8 on airbox
4)Tickford wings on boot opposite XR8

Did u spot the extra wings in the engine bay?????

Stereo is an Alpine CDA7852
I have also upgraded factory speakers all round to Boston splits in front. Did you notice AU2 premium a pillar covers with speaker grill???
Boston 7x5 in rears all running of Kicker IX405D Amp

Should be able to organise alarm no problem......
there is a website with full features of alarm, will post it when i find it!!!!
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check out

alarm is ESP1000

yeah agreed...........

ok i also have full anti terrorist system in car..anyone who goes near it when im not there gets shot!!!.......

u have been warned:bond:
Mirrors colour coded today & engine cover fitted WOOHOO!!:nuts:
will be doing Lowering next. Also i have lined up a set of AU2 rims

and i really want to do the bonnet scoops, but a little nervous about this one :rolleyes:

that should do me for a couple of weeks....:D

what are you plans????
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