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My Au XR8

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Here is my second it

Shame you cant hear it on here!!!!


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Same colour as mine good choice. I have seen those plates on another car somewhere

What mods have you done and what are you planning on doing.
Auto or manual?

And what are your thoughts comparing the AU to EL
Just noticed the driving light as well. You going to swap them into the new front?
That latest pic looks great. The engine cover hasn't caused any increase in heat that I have seen. Oil use is the same and it is keeping the rubbish out of the top of the motor. I haven't seen an engine suck up so much road rubbish as this one.

I am thinking about the same air intake for mine although the thread strife started has my interest. I intend to email them when I get this PC sorted
When you get the front painted get em to do the side mirrors too
what is your email and I will send it you.
Check your mail, you should have it. Let me know if it didn't work
Mate your slipping Wheres the picture?????
I like

I noticed Xr8 badges in places there shouldn't be. What are they ?

The stereo being a single din unit, is that your choice and if so what brand model is it?

I was also wondering of the possibility of buying an alarm system through you via your friend. Any chance. I have a few options and are just checking a few out!
XLR8 said:

XR8 and Tickford Badges are extra i put on
1) XR8 on glove box
2)Sml Tickford wings (from wheel centre) on ashtray
3) XR8 on airbox
4)Tickford wings on boot opposite XR8

Did u spot the extra wings in the engine bay?????

Stereo is an Alpine CDA7852
I have also upgraded factory speakers all round to Boston splits in front. Did you notice AU2 premium a pillar covers with speaker grill???
Boston 7x5 in rears all running of Kicker IX405D Amp

Should be able to organise alarm no problem......
there is a website with full features of alarm, will post it when i find it!!!!
Yes I noticed the one in the engine bay and no I missed the Au2 premium a pillar covers.

Thanks for the link!:cool:
Gee You aren't messen about are you! Way to go

What are you doing next?
Budget has taken a real hit lately so It won't be much.
Would like to do something with the interior an alarm/dead switch. and then start on the motor.

If you are getting rid of your series one wheel I believe there are at least a couple on this board that might be interested.
XLR8 said:

yeah, good question. There is no doubt i love your car, guess they will be quite similar when i have finished;)

EF_Falcon_Guy........about 30mm to start with, if i dont like it i may go a bit lower.......but it scrapes now:eek: :eek:
Yeah they will be twins. They will have to adopt one another:D
XLR8 said:

What did you think of my mirrors??? People have said it changes the look of the car!!

let me know .......good or bad!!!
My screen didn't update with your last question.
Ah yeah I would have to say I love the mirrors because I got the same done to my car. I think they are a huge improvement and they do change the car. What do you think?
Yes mate most dealers will be able to help and some might get it right first time. I had the engine cover put in my series 1. Want to guess how many times it took to get the badge right!
Xplõd said:
i take it a few times
Yes you would be close;)
XLR8 said:
The Tickford wings badge on the front of the engine cover???

how can they get that wrong???
Now there is a very good question. I have no idea but it had something to do with looking at series 1 XR8 parts logs only. I wasn't involved so I don't really know but it took em three goes before someone decided the t series badge would be the same:eek:
XLR8 said:
Well its been a while since i spent some money on my baby. New Au2 wheels go on soon........:D :D

Yeap been a while for me too so back to the body works today and new tyres went on last week. No money left now. :(
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