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My baby

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This is my new baby .
Sorry to all the XR purists. I also love the shape of the Xr's but I like my new baby 'cause it's different!
The pics are real low res (I used my kids barbi digital camera) and the day was pretty overcast (typical Geelong)

:thumbup: :damack: :thumbup:


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Gotta say the Peregrine kit is growing on me, I wasn't to fond of the grille. The side skirts and rear bumber treatment is excellent, and the rear wing looks different, is it??
Ford Man said:
Gregory's Ford here in Canberra sell a few too apparantly.. Arse end looks magic, just don't know abot the bars in the grill. Otherwise it's a looker.. :D
I agree, the rear end of the car looks awesome, make some changes to the grille design, maybe use the same grille as the SVO Ute in MOTOR mag, add a nice big air scoop on the bonnet, and there you have the updated T-SERIES kit for later this year.:D :nuts:
mbrown42 said:

Got any pics of the grill on SVO Ute JEM?
I've had a few people say a big scoop would suit, not really convinced though:?: :confused:
No. There is a pic of the Ute in MOTOR mag, but unfortunately I don't have a scanner.

I think scoops/vents could go quite well with the T-SERIES, I'm sure they can be made to suit them. I think my design ain't too shabby.. :D :p
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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